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Founded in 1976, Ashby Cross Company is a manufacturer of adhesive and fluid dispensing equipment for both single and plural component reactive materials.

We offer a full line of multi-component adhesive dispensing equipment for epoxy, polyurethanes, silicones acrylics, adhesive and structural bonding materials used in potting, encapsulation, coating, resin transfer molding (RTM), doming and sealing operations. All systems make use of static mixing or dynamic mixing.

Adhesive dispensing equipment is available in piston pump and gear pump versions, selected by viscosity and application. Both dispensing systems will provide you with reliable, repeatable metering technology for a wide range of applications including; potting/encapsulating electrical circuits, molding and mold making, filter manufacturing, structural bonding, adhesive dispensing and gasket forming.

Variable ratio and fixed ratio dispensing equipment is configured in fixed shot or variable shot versions. Accessories include Statomix® static mixers with high shear mixing, Dyna-Stat® dynamic mixing-head valves, and rotary mixing-head valves.

Dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, each system is subjected to detailed quality assurance testing, including operation of the system with you, the customer, and your material prior to shipment.

Whether your market is electrical, electronic, medical, aerospace, marine, white goods, leisure, automotive, or transportation, Ashby Cross has the right dispensing equipment for your application.

See more information about Ashby Cross products below:

Dispensing Equipment

  • AC125 Adhesive Dispensing System
  • AC200 Dual Cartridge Dispenser
  • 1125 Variable Ratio with IDS
  • 1125 Variable Ratio Dispense System
  • 2500 Series with Drive Assist
  • 2500 Single Acting
  • GP80
  • DYNA-STAT® Solvent Free Dynamic Mixers
  • GPFR 1000 Rapid-Pro Series Resin Processing System


  • Capacity at 1:1 ratio is 175cc – full stroke.
  • Air required is 100 psi
  • Ratio capability is 1:1 to 6:1
  • Ratio change by changing the catalyst cylinder
  • Used with pourable silicone, urethane, epoxy
  • Bench mountable
  • Disposable static mixers
The AC125 adhesive dispensing system is designed with high quality and low up front cost in mind. The system combines the same components used in other Ashby Cross systems along with manual operation.

As a standard, are two, one-gallon tanks that feed the proportioning cylinders where the ratio of the material is established. Once the metering cylinders are full, the system is ready to dispense. By opening the manual mix/dispense valve (or optional drip-free automatic dispense valve), adhesive flows through the static mixer. When empty, the system is recharged by moving the “dispense/recharge” switch to the recharge position. The cycle repeats.

The unit can also be configured with larger tanks and an automatic, drip-free mix/dispense valve. This is operated with a foot pedal.

The AC125 is ideal for potting and encapsulating or R&D work.

syringe-AC125x150 Digital-Timer-200
AC125 syringe filling application Digital Timer and Whip Hose Adds Flexibility and Consistency
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The AC200 benchtop dispenser combines the simplicity and versatility of the dual barrel cartridge with bench mount support, pneumatic foot pedal, air logic, controls, and all the items needed to convert the cartridge to a benchtop potting and encapsulating system.
Standard Features
  • Converts standard dual cartridges to an automatic, hands-free dispenser
  • Reduces fatigue Increases productivity and quality
  • Complete with pneumatic plumbing, gauges, regulators, recharge switch and foot pedal
  • Heavy duty frame
Options Available
  • Digital shot timer for greater shot control accuracy
  • Air operated pinch valve with tips and pinch tubes – used to prevent thin materials from dripping from the mixer tip.
  • 50 ml version (AC 50)
  • 400 ml version (AC 400)
  • Linear encoder for exact shot duplication available for all dual cartridge systems
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1125 Variable Ratio Intelligent Dispensing System (IDS) adhesive dispensing system is a PLC based adhesive dispenser with touch screen interface. It is a piston and cylinder meter mix machine used for light or mid volume production potting applications. The dispenser is used for epoxy dispensing as well as urethane and silicone with ratios from 1:1 to 10:1 by volume. This meter mix machine can handle unfilled or filled abrasive chemistry. The machine is capable of shot sizes from 0.3 cc to 160 cc (ratio dependent). A wide range of options such as vacuum degas, heating and various tank sizes are available.

The IDS based 1125 VR is a menu based meter, mix that includes standard features such as five slots for storing different shot sizes, a pot life (anti-gel) timer, machine based shot control via digital encoder, cycle counters and cycle set points for process information and preventative maintenance. The standard Statomix® static mixer is used.


System Specifications

  • Ratio range: 1:1 to 10:1
  • Ratio accuracy: 1% by volume
  • Shot size: 0.30 cc to 160 cc – ratio dependent
  • Utilities: 110VAC 100 psi air
  • Viscosity: up to 100,000 cps
  • Adhesive type: Filled or unfilled
  • Piston/cylinder metering


  • Menu selectable shot sizes
  • Encoder mode for shot control
  • Pot life timer
  • Dispense head cycle counter
  • Metering system cycle counter
  • Auto recharge
  • IDS prevents fractional shots
  • Cycle setpoints for maintenance
  • Touch screen control
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For small-shot potting and encapsulating, syringe filling, or R&D material testing. Designed to process a wide range of 2-part reactive resin formulations. Highly reliable, dependable meter, mix system.


Standard Features

  • Positive displacement, variable ratio, piston metering
  • Automatic, positive-ported flow directional valves
  • No-pump, snuff-back mix/dispense head (model NPH-5000)
  • Low-cost, disposable static mixer
  • Material feed by pump or tank
  • Adhesive type: Filled or unfilled
  • Shot size control by operator or timer


  • Heating of individual components or the entire system
  • Wide range of ASME-coded pressure/vacuum tanks with or without agitators
  • Low level sensors with audio/visual alarm
  • Pot-life timer with alarm and auto-shot
  • Hardened wetted parts for abrasive applications
  • Shot size control by encoder
  • Also available: 1125VR with IDS

System Specifications

  • Ratio range: 1:1 – 8:1 (material dependent)
  • Ratio Accuracy: ±1% by volume
  • Viscosity Range: up to 100,000 cps (Viscous materials may require heat or pump feed)
  • Shot Size Range: 1/10 cc to 160 cc (depending on ratio)
  • Uses standard static mixers
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The 2500 DA Drive Assist functions the same as the standard 2500 Double Acting. However the pneumatic Drive Assist cylinder increases the unit’s capability in processing high viscosity materials. In most applications the use of the drive assist eliminates the need for feed pumps.

Standard Features
  • Positive displacement piston metering with positive ported, 4-way flow directional valves (NOT check valves) maintains very accurate ratio.
  • Double-acting design for on-demand dispensing with no interruption for reloading the metering cylinders.
  • Pneumatic Drive Assist increases the unit’s capability in processing air-free, high viscosity materials. In most applications the drive assist cylinder eliminates the need for feed pumps.
  • In-line design prevents racking or side-loading of the metering pistons. The in-line configuration assures exact ratio regardless of viscosity differences.
  • No-purge, snuff-back mix/dispense assembly eliminates solvent purging and hazardous waste.
  • Pump feeding from the original shipping containers or vacuum/holding tanks.
  • Abrasion-resistant metering cylinder, seals, and hardware.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction.
  • Portable cart
  • Proportional Heating
  • Stationary or remote dispense head
  • Feed tanks and pumps to suit the application
  • Level sensors
  • Shot size control
  • Pot-life timer
  • Degas capability
  • X-Y table interface
System Specifications
  • Ratio range: 1:1 – 20:1
  • Ratio Accuracy: ±1% PBV
  • Viscosity Range: 1 cps to paste type materials
  • Shot Size Range: 0.5 cc to continuous
Typical Feed Assemblies
  • 5 Gallon Ram Pump
  • 55 Gallon Ram Pump
  • 5 Gallon Pail Pum
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For production Potting, Encapsulating, Molding, or Central Filling of 2-part Reactive Formulations with Abrasive Filters which settle out of suspension.

Standard Features
  • Positive displacement piston metering with positive ported, 3-way flow directional valves (NOT check valves) maintains very accurate ratio.
  • In-line measuring design prevents side-loading when handling wide ratio formulations.
  • Single-acting design allows filled materials to be returned to their agitated containers to prevent settling and damage to the metering system
  • No-purge mix/dispense assembly with adjustable valving provides air-free dispensing.
  • Abrasion-resistant metering cylinder, seals, and hardware
  • Heating of individual materials or the entire system
  • Wide range of ASME rated vacuum/pressure tanks with or without material agitators.
  • Heavy plated cylinders for extreme duty
  • Low level indicators with audio/visual alarm.
  • Pot-life timer with alarm and auto-shot feature.
  • Methods of shot control: Operators, time or volumetric
System Specifications
  • Ratio range: 1:1 – 20:1
  • Ratio Accuracy: ±1%
  • Viscosity Range: 1 cps – 500,000 cps (Some viscous materials may require heating or pumping.)
  • Shot Size Range: 1/10cc – 760cc (depending on ratio).
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The GP-80 is a bench-top, adjustable ratio, meter, mix system for dispensing pourable, 2-part materials. The system has been developed for dispensing applications such as potting, bonding, encapsulating, molding, cartridge filling and other projects where 2-part materials are used.

The GP80 has a simple design based upon two gear meters and a snuff-back dispense head. A minimum of wetted components makes it ideal for quick cleanup and material change. Few moving parts result is less maintenance and wear.

The system also features a variable speed motor for flow rate control, digital shot timer for accurate, and repeatable shot control, and manual mode for foot pedal operation.

The system is available as a simple proportioning system, a manual mix/dispense head, or with the no-purge, snuff-back, mix/dispense head.

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Model 6000 DYNA-STAT® combines complete dynamic mixing with disposable mix chambers.

Two models are available.

Servo Motor Model

Electric servo motor driven. Continuous speed. Digital controls provide precise speed repeatability for applications requiring precise, repeatable speed control. Speed control allows rotation up to 5000 RPM, viscosity dependent.

High shear mixing with injection molded plastic mix chambers. No solvent flush required. The servo DYNA-STAT® may be retrofit to most adhesive dispensing systems.

Servo Motor Model
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Air Motor Model

Features high-speed, air motor driven, disposable mix chambers. Mixer speed is determined by air pressure delivered to the air motor.

High shear mixing for difficult to mix materials such as polyurethane. Rotating mixers provide complete thorough mixing. No solvent purge required. Mixing elements are injection molded plastic. The DYNA-STAT® may be retrofit to most adhesive dispensing systems.

Air Motor Model
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GPFR 1000 for two-component reactive materials

Standard Features

  • Two positive displacement gear pumps
  • Static DYNA-STAT® dynamic mis/dispense heads available to suit most two component formulations.
  • Portable cart or pedestal mounting
  • Wide range of feed systems availble


  • Proportional heating of reservoirs and process lines
  • Automatic refill of reservoirs
  • Level sensors in reservoirs
  • Vacuum and agitation in reservoirs
  • Shot size, pot life, autopurge timers
  • Shot size encoder
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Parts & Accessories

  • Accessories
  • Pressure/Vacuum Tanks
  • Statomix® Static Mixers
Accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and our dedicated service staff will provide you with the tools and support needed in today’s manufacturing environment. With hundreds of adhesive chemistries on the market, specific application knowledge can be the difference between the success and failure of your project.
AC125 5-Gallon Pail Level Sensor
The 5-gallon pail level sensor is a non-contact, adjustable level sensor that provides low level information inside a covered pail. It eliminates the need to lift the cover to check levels. The sensor may be used in any non-metallic container to sense level. It eliminates the possibility of running equipment dry. With the use of additional sensors the system may be used to monitor several containers.
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PR70 Articulating Dispense Arm
Provides X-Y-Z motion to the mix/dispense head. Allows the mix head to move freely in 3 dimensions over a 12″ x 18″ area.

  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Increases productivity
  • May be retrofit to exisiting systems

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Autoclavex150 Autoclave
Suitable for:

  • Molding
  • Potting
  • Encapsulating
  • Other applications requiring a controlled pressure or vacuum environment

Standard Features:

  • Pressure to 120 psi
  • Vacuum to 1 Torr
  • Gauges, valves and controls
  • Diameter: 13″, Length: up to 22″

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Agitated pressure/vacuum tanks provide maximum de-air capability during agitation. Tanks are available in 5, 10, and 15-gallon versions. Agitators are electrically driven for consistent operation and energy efficiency.

Options include…

  • pump
  • high/low sensors
  • proportional heating

Accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and our dedicated service staff will provide you with the tools and support needed in today’s manufacturing environment. With hundreds of adhesive chemistries on the market, specific application knowledge can be the difference between the success and failure of your project.

vacuum tanks

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Statomix® static mixers from Ashby Cross are available in all sizes and configurations to fit any cartridge or adhesive dispensing system. Priced below list, they are available with various end configurations such as Luer Lock, barbed end with tubing or custom configurations.


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