For more than 50 years, Formulated Resins has been using its rich legacy to enable your future by delivering solutions with the properties and characteristics needed by demanding applications.

We offer a wide variety of formulations designed for demanding applications and have the technical expertise to make custom formulations to meet a wide range of performance and quality standards.

We have an extensive product selection, including low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hazardous air pollutant substance-free (HAPS) technologies for existing and emerging markets in computers, defense, biomedical, electrical/electronics, transportation and related industries.

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Electrical & Electronic Systems
ElectricalSm.jpg Electrical & Electronic Systems
Epoxy Potting And Casting Compounds
Polyurethane Potting And Casting Compounds
Flame Retardant Potting And Casting Compounds
Low Density (Foam) Encapsulants
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Conformal Coatings
circuitboard-sm Acrylic (Type AR) and Polyurethane (Type PU) coatings for electronic circuitry
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Tooling Resins
ToolingSm Laminating Resins and Casting Compounds
Flexible Urethane Tooling and Mechanical Elastomers
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Polyurethane Prepolymers
PrePolymersSm Specialty Polymers and Curatives
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Adhesives & Sealants
AdhesivesSm Industrial Adhesives
Filtration Adhesives / Sealants
EASYPOXY® Adhesives / Sealants
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Complimentary Products
CompSm Solvents, Mold Releases, & Color Concentrates
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Doming Products
DomingSm CONOPTIC® polyurethane doming products for a clear raised dome surface on decals and labels.
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Expack Technology Pte Ltd incorporated in 1998 to serve the ever growing Production Assembly in Electrical and Electronics and Water Filters Membrane Industry. We offer the most innovative and latest products within the industry, from the brands you know and trust.